Information services

Information services

Are you looking for specific information? Or can you use help with data processing or presenting data in beautiful charts and maps? Get in touch!
Are you looking for specific information? Or can you use help with data processing or presenting data in beautiful charts and maps? Get in touch!
Services for finding, structuring, analyzing and presenting data as information:

Are you looking for certain data but cannot find it? Do you have data but you don’t have the time, skills or resources to get the information you are looking for? I am happy to be of service!

Possible services:
  • Data source identification & access requirements: Find the data sources and identify what is required to be able to access that information, e.g. cost and membership. I have a lot of experience with data providers for the Netherlands and some moderate experience for Germany as well. I am in regular contact with the central statistical office, the land registry and other major data providers. This gives easy access to data like coordinate based address mapping (addresses with lat/long coordinates), postcode & administrative polygons, demographic data like local population, age, income, employment & unemployment, education levels, ethnicity, crime, proximity statistics, etcetera.

  • Data collection, processing data and delivery of data in ready-to-go formats. Using multiple Python modules for data analysis like pandas gives me a very powerful toolset. I make use of multiple types of automatic interfaces to load data from data providers as well as Google Maps & Open Street Map and have scripts to scrape specific information from websites.

  • Data visualisation in charts and maps using tools like D3 and MatPlotLib.

  • Proving general administrative and local knowledge about the Netherlands and Germany. E.g. translating specific terminology, communicating with the data providing organisations, advising on functional and technical aspects.

  • Related services like market sizing and scoping – identifying the size of the potential market, potential customer segments and most important competitors - , business case development, writing business plans or submitting financing requests.

Experience and way of working:
  • “Value orientation”: Thanks to the use of the application of “agile” work practices, my way of working is strongly focused at delivering value. This enables you to see results quickly and allows you to adjust any subsequent work effectively. This ensures focus on what is most relevant. I am officially certified as “Project Manager Professional” (PMP) and “Agile Project Manager” (AGP).

  • My background as university graduated “Business Administration: information manager” also contributes to this focus on value: the meaning of the figures and clear communication are very important to me.

  • I use powerful data analysis software to process data. Especially “pandas for Python”. This allows important tasks to be performed, such as reading data from all possible sources, cleaning data (dealing with missing data and adjusting data formats and transforming spellings), applying the right structures, combining sources, grouping topics, calculating summary statistics, performing analyzes, finding connections, visualizing data in graphs and maps, providing insight into time series, and so on.

Ask what you want to know!

Contact me and I will let you know if I can help, how fast and what the (indicative) costs are. Call or send an email. In the email you can indicate what you want to achieve, whether you are looking for information about a specific topic, whether the work should be complete before a certain date and how you want the information to be presented.

Kind regards, Wouter van Bijsterveld

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Image of my laptop and the book on data analysis using Python by the creator of pandas: Wes McKinney.

The Python software ecosystem offers very powerful data analysis capabilities.

Picture of some very old physical archives (1922 in this case) at the Dutch Kadaster (land registry).

Looking through some very old physical archives at the Dutch Kadaster (land registry).