Boroughs and neighborhoods in the municipality of Culemborg

RegionnameRegiontypeZip code#Inhabitants#Addresses#Houses
Culemborg OostBorough4101-41031705585737872
De HondNeighbourhood41011165596505
Ter Weijde ComponistenbuurtNeighbourhood4101-4102199510911035
Ter Weijde StatenliedenbuurtNeighbourhood4102-4103237011251057
Voorkoop NoordNeighbourhood41021435530527
Voorkoop ZuidNeighbourhood41022135985973
Buitengebied RedichemNeighbourhood4101-41021606053
Culemborg WestBorough4103-41071234058064927
Achter de PoortNeighbourhood41051490678627
Goilberdingen OostNeighbourhood4105268011561124
Goilberdingen WestNeighbourhood41052255797790
Parijsch LandzichtNeighbourhood410521551013939
Parijsch VlinderbuurtNeighbourhood41051845886860
Parijsch LokkershoekNeighbourhood4105-41071470608409
Industrieterrein PavijenNeighbourhood41047549936
Buitengebied WaterlinieNeighbourhood4105-41072108573
Buitengebied VretstrooijNeighbourhood4103-41071558469
Explanation, table usage and background to the overview of regions for the municipality of Culemborg:

The table above contains 23 entries. One for the municipality and 22 for the boroughs and neighborhoods in the municipality of Culemborg. The statistical data providers in the Netherlands use municipalities, boroughs and neighborhoods as levels in the regional hierarchy to collect and publish statistics. The municipality is divided into one or more boroughs and each borough is divided in one or more neighborhoods. The data for neighborhoods adds up to the data for boroughs, and the boroughs add up to the data per municipality in The Netherlands.

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