Boroughs and neighborhoods in the municipality of Oldebroek

Regions in the municipality of Oldebroek

Overview of the 29 neighborhoods and boroughs in the municipality of Oldebroek. Select a region and view the information about more than 100 topics!
Overview of the 29 neighborhoods and boroughs in the municipality of Oldebroek. Select a region and view the information about more than 100 topics!
RegionnameRegiontypeZip code#Inhabitants#Addresses#Houses
Wijk 00 OldebroekBorough8095-8097750536682948
T LooNeighbourhood8095655252245
Verspreide Huizen OldebroekNeighbourhood8095-80961655668591
Verspreide Huizen Oldebroekse HeideNeighbourhood8095-80961055245
Verspreide Huizen Polder OldebroekNeighbourhood8096-8097451413
Verspreide Huizen T LooNeighbourhood8095-8096595286224
Verspreide Huizen Heide T LooNeighbourhood8095103512
Wijk 01 WezepBorough8091-80961367564295513
Wezep CentrumNeighbourhood8091405520251781
Wezep OostNeighbourhood8091-8094369516551475
Wezep WestNeighbourhood80911350549530
Wezep NoordNeighbourhood8091-8094261011561015
Verspreide Huizen WezepNeighbourhood8091-8096320145123
Verspreide Huizen DuivendansNeighbourhood80911154941
Verspreide Huizen Wezepse HeideNeighbourhood8091304613
Verspreide Huizen Polder HattemerbroekNeighbourhood80941206640
Verspreide Huizen Hattemerbroekse HeideNeighbourhood809421020770
Verspreide Huizen Heide HoekNeighbourhood8091105608
Wijk 02 OosterwoldeBorough8079-80972420886804
Verspreide Huizen OosterwoldeNeighbourhood8097845324293
Verspreide Huizen NoordeindeNeighbourhood8079502619
Verspreide Huizen OosterwoldeNeighbourhood80971003627
Explanation, table usage and background to the overview of regions for the municipality of Oldebroek:

The table above contains 30 entries. One for the municipality and 29 for the boroughs and neighborhoods in the municipality of Oldebroek. The statistical data providers in the Netherlands use municipalities, boroughs and neighborhoods as levels in the regional hierarchy to collect and publish statistics. The municipality is divided into one or more boroughs and each borough is divided in one or more neighborhoods. The data for neighborhoods adds up to the data for boroughs, and the boroughs add up to the data per municipality in The Netherlands.

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