Boroughs and neighborhoods in the municipality of Rhenen

Regions in the municipality of Rhenen

Overview of the 44 neighborhoods and boroughs in the municipality of Rhenen. Select a region and view the information about more than 100 topics!
Overview of the 44 neighborhoods and boroughs in the municipality of Rhenen. Select a region and view the information about more than 100 topics!
RegionnameRegiontypeZip code#Inhabitants#Addresses#Houses
Wijk 00 RhenenBorough39111050706584
Rhenen BinnenstadNeighbourhood39111050706584
Wijk 01 Rhenen OostBorough3911356015221482
Grebbekwartier ZuidNeighbourhood3911600246242
Grebbekwartier NoordNeighbourhood3911680286284
Bruine EngNeighbourhood39111300568559
Wijk 02 Rhenen WestBorough3911-3912284512571215
Wijk 03 Rhenen NoordBorough3911375517181667
Rhenen HoogNeighbourhood3911264512671239
Helling BergwegNeighbourhood39111709478
Wijk 04 GrebbebergBorough3911453324
Wijk 05 RandzoneBorough39111135452429
Wijk 06 BinnenveldBorough3911975246210
Wijk 07 AchterbergBorough39111685585562
De HorstNeighbourhood39112758484
Achterberg WestNeighbourhood3911495183175
Wijk 08 Uiterwaarden RhenenBorough3911210116104
Uiterwaarden RhenenNeighbourhood3911210116104
Wijk 09 RemmerdenBorough39117017833
Wijk 10 Heuvelrug RhenenBorough3911-3912852821
Heuvelrug RhenenNeighbourhood3911-3912852821
Wijk 11 Heuvelrug ElstBorough3921352018
Heuvelrug ElstNeighbourhood3921352018
Wijk 12 Uiterwaarden ElstBorough3921-392215109
Uiterwaarden ElstNeighbourhood3921-392215109
Wijk 13 ElstBorough3921-3922451519001773
De VordelNeighbourhood3921495222201
Elst CentrumNeighbourhood3921279511771129
Het BosjeNeighbourhood3921705284242
Elst WestNeighbourhood3921-3922515217201
Explanation, table usage and background to the overview of regions for the municipality of Rhenen:

The table above contains 45 entries. One for the municipality and 44 for the boroughs and neighborhoods in the municipality of Rhenen. The statistical data providers in the Netherlands use municipalities, boroughs and neighborhoods as levels in the regional hierarchy to collect and publish statistics. The municipality is divided into one or more boroughs and each borough is divided in one or more neighborhoods. The data for neighborhoods adds up to the data for boroughs, and the boroughs add up to the data per municipality in The Netherlands.

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