Boroughs and neighborhoods in the municipality of Twenterand

Boroughs and neighborhoods in the municipality of Twenterand

Overview of the 38 neighborhoods and boroughs in the municipality of Twenterand. Select a region and view the information about more than 100 topics!
Overview of the 38 neighborhoods and boroughs in the municipality of Twenterand. Select a region and view the information about more than 100 topics!

RegionnameRegiontypeZip code#Inhabitants#Addresses#Houses
Wijk 00 Vriezenveen KernBorough7671-76721281057315241
Centrum VriezenveenNeighbourhood7671238013481175
Oosteinde en SlotNeighbourhood76711080445410
West ten Oosten KanaalNeighbourhood7671255127101
West ten Westen KanaalNeighbourhood7671850384339
Westerweilanden ElzenhoekNeighbourhood7671281011951181
Toekomstig Bestemmingsplan NoordNeighbourhood7671-7672357012601253
Industrieterrein Vriezenveen WestNeighbourhood767125478
Wijk 01 Vriezenveen buitengebiedBorough7671-76761085492386
Verspreide Huizen de WesterhoeveNeighbourhood76711706357
Verspreide Huizen ten Noorden van VriezenveenNeighbourhood7671-767618514158
Verspreide Huizen de PollenNeighbourhood7671-7675530203196
Verspreide Huizen WeitemanslandenNeighbourhood7671853131
Verspreide Huizen ten Zuiden van VriezenveenNeighbourhood76711205444
Wijk 02 Westerhaar VriezenveensewijkBorough7671-7694471520841933
Westerhaar WestNeighbourhood76762125946890
Westerhaar OostNeighbourhood767622010878
Verspreide Huizen Westerhaar Vriezenveensewijk ONeighbourhood7671-7694370167141
Verspreide Huizen Westerhaar Vriezenveensewijk WNeighbourhood7671-76761155646
Wijk 03 KloosterhaarBorough7681-7683588027232320
Den HamNeighbourhood76831870907757
T SumpelNeighbourhood7683470225201
Buurtschap MeerNeighbourhood7683430212174
Buurtschap MageleNeighbourhood76831030456370
Buurtschap LindeNeighbourhood7681-7683455244148
Wijk 04 BruinehaarBorough7681-7686931043263825
Vroomshoop OostNeighbourhood7681-7686241012631087
Geerdijk WestNeighbourhood7681-76862107875
Geerdijk OostNeighbourhood7686375141129
Vroomshoop WestNeighbourhood7681300014271292
Beter WonenNeighbourhood76811635651630
Verspreide Huizen Vroomshoop OostNeighbourhood7681-7686325164115
Explanation, table usage and background to the overview of regions for the municipality of Twenterand:

The table above contains 39 entries. One for the municipality and 38 for the boroughs and neighborhoods in the municipality of Twenterand. The statistical data providers in the Netherlands use municipalities, boroughs and neighborhoods as levels in the regional hierarchy to collect and publish statistics. The municipality is divided into one or more boroughs and each borough is divided in one or more neighborhoods. The data for neighborhoods adds up to the data for boroughs, and the boroughs add up to the data per municipality in The Netherlands.

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