Information about the municipality Damp:

Information about the municipality Damp:

View the information on over 100 topics about the municipality Damp! With charts, links to more information & an overview of all figures in 1 table.
View the information on over 100 topics about the municipality Damp! With charts, links to more information & an overview of all figures in 1 table.
Population numbers per year
The number of inhabitants in the municipality Damp

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Population numbers in the municipality Damp for the years 2009 thru 2019.

The number of inhabitants is the number of persons as registered in the population register on January 1st.

Population at the map of Damp
Map of District Rendsburg-Eckernförde with the population per municipality.Municipality Damp is highlighted with a red edge.. This page shows a lot of information about residents (such as the distribution by age groups, family composition, gender, native or German with an immigration background, ...), homes (numbers, types, price development, use, type of property, ...) and more (car ownership, energy consumption, ...) based on open data from the German Federal Agency for Cartography, the Federal Statistical Office (DESTATIS), the Regional Statistical Offices and various other sources!

Map of District Rendsburg-Eckernförde with the population per municipality.Municipality Damp is highlighted with a red edge. The numbers at the map represent the following municipalities: 1: municipality Brodersby, 2: municipality Karby, 3: municipality Winnemark, 4: municipality Dörphof, 5: municipality Thumby ...Show more... Map of District Rendsburg-Eckernförde with the population per municipality.Municipality Damp is highlighted with a red edge. The numbers at the map represent the following municipalities: 1: municipality Brodersby, 2: municipality Karby, 3: municipality Winnemark, 4: municipality Dörphof, 5: municipality Thumby, 6: municipality Damp, 7: municipality Holzdorf, 8: municipality Rieseby, 9: municipality Waabs, 10: municipality Loose, 11: municipality Kosel, 12: municipality Gammelby, 13: municipality Barkelsby, 14: municipality Fleckeby, 15: municipality Güby, 16: municipality city Eckernförde, 17: municipality Schwedeneck, 18: municipality Windeby, 19: municipality Hummelfeld, 20: municipality Noer, 21: municipality Strande, 22: municipality Osterby, 23: municipality Hütten, 24: municipality Altenhof, 25: municipality Osdorf, 26: municipality Dänischenhagen, 27: municipality Ascheffel, 28: municipality Goosefeld, 29: municipality Neudorf-Bornstein, 30: municipality Brekendorf, 31: municipality Damendorf, 32: municipality Gettorf, 33: municipality Holtsee, 34: municipality Groß Wittensee, 35: municipality Felm, 36: municipality Ahlefeld-Bistensee, 37: municipality Haby, 38: municipality Klein Wittensee, 39: municipality Altenholz, 40: municipality Owschlag, 41: municipality Tüttendorf, 42: municipality Lindau, 43: municipality Holzbunge, 44: municipality Sehestedt, 45: municipality Neuwittenbek, 46: municipality Bünsdorf, 47: municipality Neu Duvenstedt, 48: municipality Schinkel, 49: municipality Alt Duvenstedt, 50: municipality Ottendorf, 51: municipality Borgstedt, 52: municipality Bovenau, 53: municipality Lohe-Föhrden, 54: municipality Rickert, 55: municipality Kronshagen, 56: municipality Krummwisch, 57: municipality Quarnbek, 58: municipality Königshügel, 59: municipality Rade b. Rendsburg, 60: municipality Christiansholm, 61: municipality city Büdelsdorf, 62: municipality Ostenfeld (Rendsburg), 63: municipality Melsdorf, 64: municipality Schacht-Audorf, 65: municipality Bredenbek, 66: municipality Felde, 67: municipality Fockbek, 68: municipality Friedrichsholm, 69: municipality city Rendsburg, 70: municipality Hohn, 71: municipality Achterwehr, 72: municipality Haßmoor, 73: municipality Schülldorf, 74: municipality Mielkendorf, 75: municipality Rodenbek, 76: municipality Friedrichsgraben, 77: municipality Sophienhamm, 78: municipality Osterrönfeld, 79: municipality Westensee, 80: municipality Molfsee, 81: municipality Westerrönfeld, 82: municipality Nübbel, 83: municipality Elsdorf-Westermühlen, 84: municipality Bargstall, 85: municipality Schierensee, 86: municipality Rumohr, 87: municipality Emkendorf, 88: municipality Schülp b. Rendsburg, 89: municipality Flintbek, 90: municipality Groß Vollstedt, 91: municipality Blumenthal, 92: municipality Hamdorf, 93: municipality Jevenstedt, 94: municipality Schönhorst, 95: municipality Bokel, 96: municipality Böhnhusen, 97: municipality Hörsten, 98: municipality Langwedel, 99: municipality Prinzenmoor, 100: municipality Grevenkrug, 101: municipality Warder, 102: municipality Techelsdorf, 103: municipality Sören, 104: municipality Breiholz, 105: municipality Brammer, 106: municipality Ellerdorf, 107: municipality Schmalstede, 108: municipality Bissee, 109: municipality Reesdorf, 110: municipality Eisendorf, 111: municipality Hamweddel, 112: municipality Brügge, 113: municipality Hoffeld, 114: municipality Dätgen, 115: municipality Tackesdorf, 116: municipality Borgdorf-Seedorf, 117: municipality Embühren, 118: municipality Oldenbüttel, 119: municipality Stafstedt, 120: municipality Haale, 121: municipality Luhnstedt, 122: municipality Bordesholm, 123: municipality Brinjahe, 124: municipality city Nortorf, 125: municipality Bargstedt, 126: municipality Schönbek, 127: municipality Groß Buchwald, 128: municipality Wattenbek, 129: municipality Mühbrook, 130: municipality Schülp b. Nortorf, 131: municipality Oldenhütten, 132: municipality Lütjenwestedt, 133: municipality Loop, 134: municipality Nienborstel, 135: municipality Steenfeld, 136: municipality Negenharrie, 137: municipality Todenbüttel, 138: municipality Hanerau-Hademarschen, 139: municipality Nindorf, 140: municipality Gnutz, 141: municipality Heinkenborstel, 142: municipality Krogaspe, 143: municipality Beldorf, 144: municipality Remmels, 145: municipality Timmaspe, 146: municipality Beringstedt, 147: municipality Mörel, 148: municipality Gokels, 149: municipality Osterstedt, 150: municipality Seefeld, 151: municipality Rade b. Hohenwestedt, 152: municipality Tappendorf, 153: municipality Bornholt, 154: municipality Thaden, 155: municipality Hohenwestedt, 156: municipality Bendorf, 157: municipality Wapelfeld, 158: municipality Wasbek, 159: municipality Aukrug, 160: municipality Grauel, 161: municipality Jahrsdorf, 162: municipality Meezen, 163: municipality Ehndorf, 164: municipality Padenstedt, 165: municipality Arpsdorf ...Show less...

Population per age group
The percentage of inhabitants per age group in the municipality Damp

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Municipality Damp, 2019, age groups.

Population, age groups: percentage of inhabitants per age category.

The number of rooms per house (dwelling)
The number of rooms of the houses in the municipality Damp

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Municipality Damp, 2019, number of rooms per house.

The percentage shows the relative share of houses per category based on the numer of rooms: 1 to 2 rooms, 3 to 4 rooms or 5 rooms or more. This is based on the total number of rooms as identified for all dwellings in the municipality Damp.

Data about more than 100 topics!

The table below shows data for more than 100 topics as most recently available for the municipality Damp. Select a category to display the related topics:

Businessesno dataNumber2015
Active personsno dataNumber2015
Gross wagesno dataEuro2015
Houses 1 room177Number2019
Houses 2 rooms50Number2019
Houses 3 rooms469Number2019
Houses 4 rooms527Number2019
Houses 5 rooms279Number2019
Houses 6 rooms90Number2019
Houses 7+ rooms 77Number2019
Houses 1-2 rooms227Number2019
Houses 3-4 rooms996Number2019
Houses 5+ rooms446Number2019
1-2 rooms14%Percentage2019
3-4 rooms60%Percentage2019
5+ rooms27%Percentage2019
Voters Bundestag1120,00Number2017
Voter turnout Bundestag57Number2017
Votes valid Bundestag629Number2017
Votes Bundestag CDU/CSU214Number2017
Votes Bundestag SPD178Number2017
Votes Bundestag GRÜNE64Number2017
Votes Bundestag FDP66Number2017
Votes Bundestag DIE LINKE43Number2017
Votes Bundestag AfD46Number2017
Votes Bundestag other parties18Number2017
Votes Bundestag total629Number2017
% Votes Bundestag CDU/CSU19%Percentage2017
% Votes Bundestag SPD16%Percentage2017
% Votes Bundestag GRÜNE6%Percentage2017
% Votes Bundestag FDP6%Percentage2017
% Votes Bundestag DIE LINKE4%Percentage2017
% Votes Bundestag AfD4%Percentage2017
% Votes Bundestag other parties2%Percentage2017
Employees male285Number2019
Employees female262Number2019
Employees foreigner59Number2019
Employees male foreigner37Number2019
Employees female foreigner22Number2019
Unemployed foreigners4Number2018
Unemployed severely disabled1Number2018
Unemployed 15-200Number2018
Unemployed 15-251Number2018
Unemployed 55-658Number2018
Unemployed long-term4Number2018
% Unemployed2%Percentage2018
% Unemployed foreigners0%Percentage of the population2018
% Unemployed severely disabled0%Percentage of the population2018
% Unemployed 15-200%Percentage of the population2018
% Unemployed 15-250%Percentage of the population2018
% Unemployed 55-651%Percentage of the population2018
% Unemployed long-term0%Percentage of the population2018
Income receivers692Number2015
Income total€22.704Euro2015
Income tax€3.750Euro2015
% Men49%Percentage2019
% Women51%Percentage2019
Average age49Average number2019
Average age male47Average number2019
Average age female51Average number2019
Births male6Number2018
Births female3Number2018
1K Births6Number per 1000 inhabitants2018
Deaths male15Number2018
Deaths female13Number2018
1K Deaths20Number2018
Girls 0-311Number2019
Boys 0-315Number2019
Girls 3-611Number2019
Boys 3-614Number2019
Women 65-70103Number2019
Men 65-7078Number2019
Women 75+128Number2019
Men 75+90Number2019
% 0-107%Percentage2019
% 10-186%Percentage2019
% 18-3011%Percentage2019
% 30-4517%Percentage2019
% 45-6023%Percentage2019
% 60+35%Percentage2019
Real estateValueUnitYear
Property tax A revenue€18.382Euro2018
Property tax B revenue€422.755Euro2018
Trade tax actual revenue€732.708Euro2018
Property tax A basic amount€7.070Euro2018
Property tax B basic amount€162.598Euro2018
Trade tax basic amount€236.357Euro2018
Property tax A rate€260Euro2018
Property tax B rate€260Euro2018
Trade tax rate€310Euro2018
Real tax raising force€1.742.278Euro2018
Trade tax levy€161.428Euro2018
Trade tax net€571.280Euro2018
Community share in income tax€565.184Euro2018
Community share in sales tax€313.637Euro2018
Tax revenue€2.459.671Euro2018
Region code010585893040Code2019
Region code 8 digits01058040Code01058040
Sorting code010585893040Code010585893040
Sorting code 8 digits01058040Code01058040
Region nameDampName2019
Regional level6Categorical type2019
Region typeMunicipalityCategorical type2019
Region type detailmunicipalityCategorical type2019
Region name with typemunicipality DampName2019
Region name in GermanGemeinde DampName2019
Direct subregionsno dataNumber2019
NUTS codeDEF0BCode2019
Area14Area in km²2019
Roman Catholic church116Number2011
Protestant church766Number2011
Other or none587Number2011
% Roman Catholic church8%Percentage2011
% Protestant church52%Percentage2011
% Other or none40%Percentage2011
Roman Catholic church German110Number2011
Protestant church German766Number2011
Other or none German569Number2011
% Roman Catholic church German8%Percentage2011
% Protestant church German53%Percentage2011
% Other or none German Foreign39%Percentage2011
Roman Catholic church Foreign6Number2011
Protestant church Foreign0Number2011
Other or none Foreign18Number2011
% Roman Catholic church Foreign25%Percentage2011
% Protestant church Foreign0%Percentage2011
% Other or none Foreign75%Percentage2011
Open data sources used

Data is used from multiple German open data providers. See this description of the sources with the definitions of all regional topics.

Sources & definitions
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