Boroughs and neighborhoods in the municipality of Hoorn

Regions in the municipality of Hoorn

Overview of the 88 neighborhoods and boroughs in the municipality of Hoorn. Select a region and view the information about more than 100 topics!
Overview of the 88 neighborhoods and boroughs in the municipality of Hoorn. Select a region and view the information about more than 100 topics!
RegionnameRegiontypeZip code#Inhabitants#Addresses#Houses
Wijk 10 BinnenstadBorough1621-1624557038793221
Binnenstad Buurt 10 00Neighbourhood1621980538527
Binnenstad Buurt 10 01Neighbourhood1621239013621239
Binnenstad Buurt 10 02Neighbourhood162113851272927
Binnenstad Buurt 10 03Neighbourhood1621-1624810707528
Wijk 11 Venenlaan KwartierBorough1621-1624257512541223
Venelaankwartier Buurt 11 00Neighbourhood1621-162410113
Venelaankwartier Buurt 11 01Neighbourhood16231757372
Venelaankwartier Buurt 11 02Neighbourhood1621-16232010989982
Venelaankwartier Buurt 11 03Neighbourhood1623-1624375181166
Wijk 12 Hoorn NoordBorough1624546029322520
Hoorn Noord Buurt 12 00Neighbourhood16241765817803
Hoorn Noord Buurt 12 01Neighbourhood16241690805756
Hoorn Noord Buurt 12 02Neighbourhood16241610898807
Hoorn Noord Buurt 12 03Neighbourhood1624310385149
Hoorn Noord Buurt 12 04Neighbourhood162480275
Wijk 13 Grote WaalBorough1621-1624768036593407
Grote Waal Buurt 13 00Neighbourhood1621-1622935482475
Grote Waal Buurt 13 01Neighbourhood16221700863670
Grote Waal Buurt 13 02Neighbourhood1624042
Grote Waal Buurt 13 03Neighbourhood1622695339338
Grote Waal Buurt 13 04Neighbourhood1622465319274
Grote Waal Buurt 13 05Neighbourhood1622985411410
Grote Waal Buurt 13 06Neighbourhood1622455230230
Grote Waal Buurt 13 07Neighbourhood16222375984983
Grote Waal Buurt 13 08Neighbourhood1622552725
Wijk 20 Risdam ZuidBorough1624-1689855542484097
Risdam Zuid Buurt 20 00Neighbourhood1625635359359
Risdam Zuid Buurt 20 01Neighbourhood162512012669
Risdam Zuid Buurt 20 02Neighbourhood1624-162522510689
Risdam Zuid Buurt 20 03Neighbourhood1625430270268
Risdam Zuid Buurt 20 04Neighbourhood16251610836831
Risdam Zuid Buurt 20 05Neighbourhood1625615231225
Risdam Zuid Buurt 20 06Neighbourhood1625-16891865884874
Risdam Zuid Buurt 20 07Neighbourhood1625-168921201037983
Risdam Zuid Buurt 20 08Neighbourhood1625-1689905399399
Wijk 21 Risdam NoordBorough1625-1689784036303543
Risdam Noord Buurt 21 00Neighbourhood1689229511021100
Risdam Noord Buurt 21 01Neighbourhood1689835378381
Risdam Noord Buurt 21 02Neighbourhood1625-16891257218
Risdam Noord Buurt 21 03Neighbourhood16891770853829
Risdam Noord Buurt 21 04Neighbourhood16892140934931
Risdam Noord Buurt 21 05Neighbourhood1689670291284
Wijk 22 Nieuwe SteenBorough1625-16951250609532
Nieuwe Steen Buurt 22 00Neighbourhood1625-16951185486478
Nieuwe Steen Buurt 22 01Neighbourhood16256512354
Wijk 30 ZwaagBorough1689314522151395
Zwaag Buurt 30 00Neighbourhood1689201438
Zwaag Buurt 30 01Neighbourhood16891900905891
Zwaag Buurt 30 02Neighbourhood16891025430423
Zwaag Buurt 30 04Neighbourhood16895529323
Zwaag Buurt 30 05Neighbourhood16894536518
Zwaag Buurt 30 06Neighbourhood1689907932
Wijk 31 BlokkerBorough1695381518211762
Blokker Buurt 31 00Neighbourhood1695954441
Blokker Buurt 31 01Neighbourhood1695290178151
Blokker Buurt 31 02Neighbourhood1695300149144
Blokker Buurt 31 03Neighbourhood16951010467466
Blokker Buurt 31 04Neighbourhood16952115983960
Wijk 32 Kersenboogerd NoordBorough1628394518451804
Kersenboogerd Noord Buurt 32 00Neighbourhood1628715315295
Kersenboogerd Noord Buurt 32 01Neighbourhood16281700757739
Kersenboogerd Noord Buurt 32 02Neighbourhood1628705380379
Kersenboogerd Noord Buurt 32 03Neighbourhood1628820393391
Wijk 33 Kersenboogerd ZuidBorough1628-16951696572477052
Kersenboogerd Zuid Buurt 33 00Neighbourhood16281730937925
Kersenboogerd Zuid Buurt 33 01Neighbourhood16281055793747
Kersenboogerd Zuid Buurt 33 02Neighbourhood1628795331330
Kersenboogerd Zuid Buurt 33 03Neighbourhood16282015903897
Kersenboogerd Zuid Buurt 33 04Neighbourhood1628-16951535636616
Kersenboogerd Zuid Buurt 33 05Neighbourhood1628-16952185866855
Kersenboogerd Zuid Buurt 33 06Neighbourhood1628-1695444515101504
Kersenboogerd Zuid Buurt 33 07Neighbourhood16282000734727
Kersenboogerd Zuid Buurt 33 08Neighbourhood1628-16951180452451
Kersenboogerd Zuid Buurt 33 09Neighbourhood16950850
Wijk 34 Hoorn 80Borough1621-1627102687
Hoorn 80 Buurt 34 00Neighbourhood1621060
Hoorn 80 Buurt 34 01Neighbourhood162701614
Hoorn 80 Buurt 34 02Neighbourhood1627101013
Wijk 35 Bangert en OosterpolderBorough1689-1695616522722181
Bangert en Oosterpolder Buurt 35 01Neighbourhood16891790632630
Bangert en Oosterpolder Buurt 35 02Neighbourhood16891855621617
Bangert en Oosterpolder Buurt 35 03Neighbourhood16891545605535
Bangert en Oosterpolder Buurt 35 04Neighbourhood1689865366354
Bangert en Oosterpolder Buurt 35 05Neighbourhood1695552828
Bangert en Oosterpolder Buurt 35 06Neighbourhood1695452017
Wijk 36 NoordBorough16890220
Zevenhuis Buurt 36 00Neighbourhood16890220
Explanation, table usage and background to the overview of regions for the municipality of Hoorn:

The table above contains 89 entries. One for the municipality and 88 for the boroughs and neighborhoods in the municipality of Hoorn. The statistical data providers in the Netherlands use municipalities, boroughs and neighborhoods as levels in the regional hierarchy to collect and publish statistics. The municipality is divided into one or more boroughs and each borough is divided in one or more neighborhoods. The data for neighborhoods adds up to the data for boroughs, and the boroughs add up to the data per municipality in The Netherlands.

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