Boroughs and neighborhoods in the municipality of Reimerswaal

RegionnameRegiontypeZip code#Inhabitants#Addresses#Houses
Yerseke - KernNeighbourhood4401290516841343
Yerseke - WestNeighbourhood44011995980838
Yerseke - SteehofNeighbourhood44011735644624
Yerseke - Molenpolder/OlzendepolderNeighbourhood4401240276119
Verspreide huizen YersekeNeighbourhood44011307945
Kruiningen - KernNeighbourhood44161885997855
Kruiningen - ZandwegNeighbourhood44161800723638
Kruiningen - KruseveerNeighbourhood4416705254245
Kruiningen - NishoekNeighbourhood441615666
Verspreide huizen KruiningenNeighbourhood4416365172108
Krabbendijke - KernNeighbourhood44131970985860
Krabbendijke - OostpolderNeighbourhood4413810325285
Krabbendijke - RozeboomNeighbourhood44131335578512
Krabbendijke - ZuidwegNeighbourhood4413656522
Verspreide huizen KrabbendijkeNeighbourhood44131759562
Verspreide huizen WaardeNeighbourhood4414360165106
Rilland - KernNeighbourhood44111660937803
Rilland- StationsbuurtNeighbourhood44111657667
Rilland - BathNeighbourhood44111006852
Rilland - WerfkampenNeighbourhood4411725265259
Rilland - De PoortNeighbourhood44115362
Verspreide huizen RillandNeighbourhood4411340209136
Hansweert - KernNeighbourhood4417635371322
Hansweert - TramperNeighbourhood44171025577471
Verspreide huizen HansweertNeighbourhood4417754931
Verspreide huizen OostdijkNeighbourhood4415352913
Explanation, table usage and background to the overview of regions for the municipality of Reimerswaal:

The table above contains 36 entries. One for the municipality and 35 for the boroughs and neighborhoods in the municipality of Reimerswaal. The statistical data providers in the Netherlands use municipalities, boroughs and neighborhoods as levels in the regional hierarchy to collect and publish statistics. The municipality is divided into one or more boroughs and each borough is divided in one or more neighborhoods. The data for neighborhoods adds up to the data for boroughs, and the boroughs add up to the data per municipality in The Netherlands.

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